Why should I choose 3SIX5 Live Event Specialists over the other DJ services offered?

At 3SIX5 we approach and see each and every event as a once in a lifetime celebration and if you’re not happy, we’re not happy. Not only do we offer world class DJing/MCing services, but we also offer exclusive lighting design and enhancement options. We use our professional experience to ensure your event not only is a success, but it exceeds your expectations. 3SIX5 Live Event Specialists is a full time DJing and Event company. This allows us to put more time and effort into each event as opposed to a hobbyist or weekend DJ who might not have the skills, experience, or time necessary to make the event successful.

What types of music can you play and do you take requests?

DJ company, which means we can play any style of music that the event requires. We own over 50,000 constantly updating and legally downloaded songs ranging from the 50s to todays current hits. And yes, we do take requests!

Why should I choose a mobile DJ over just plugging in an Ipod or music player?

A seasoned mobile DJ entertainer not only plays music, but mixes it, interacts with guests, injects personality into the celebration and ensures that the party is seamless with no uncomfortable dead air. A DJ is so critical to the success of an event.

Wow! Sounds like you are the DJ company for me! How do I book?

For bookings please visit the contact page. Dates fill up fast so book early!
Contact 3SIX5 today at info@3six5events.com